Why use us

If you have a small business and do not have a full-time IT person what do you do when a computer stops working, you need to setup a new one or simply to upgrade an existing one? What we see a lot of businesses do is to give that task to one of the team members who seems to be the most knowledgeable in the area. Maybe it is the store manager that knows the difference between a monitor and a keyboard. Maybe the accountant who has talked to tech support on numerous occasions. Or maybe the business owner themselves as they are simply stuck with it.

Two obvious problems with that – one you are giving the task to someone who doesn’t have the necessary training or experience for it and you are paying for their time. But even bigger problem is that while these individuals are trying to get the computer to work they are not generating any revenue for your business, they are not serving your customers. On average we find that a small business will spend 3-5 hours of their time before giving up and calling for outside help. How much have you paid for 3-5 hours worth of wages? How much revenue could that person have generated?

With VS IT Services, LLC you will always get a professional who has extensive training and experience, who more than likely has already seen the problem you are experiencing and can not only fix it but in addition recommend you what to do so that the problem does not re-occur. And the best part is you pay only if we have helped you, no invoice ever goes out for a job that has not been completed and approved by the client.