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One day you notice your system is starting to run slow. You check the task manager, it tells you CPU usage is negligible. Then you notice that the task manager reports memory usage at 70, 80 or 90 percent. So you start looking for the process that is consuming all that memory. You add up memory usage for all the processes listed in the task manager and your total ends up less than 1Gb. You think “what the f@#$” Continue reading

Acronis Backup

Last week I got to setup a backup solution for a small office. After researching the client’s needs decided on using Acronis as the backup software. Below is the account of the whole experience:

Bottom-line: Like Acronis, would recommend it for similar situations.
Pros: A very solid, well-written program, easy to use, does what it says it will do
Cons: Rather high cost, atrocious error messages Continue reading