Lexmark T650 Driver Bug

After some troubleshooting looks like I have found a Windows 7 driver bug for Lexmark T650 laser printer. Now if I could only get Lexmark to listen to me…

A printer on a client site had an extra paper tray added to it. The printer recognizes the tray just fine, if you choose that tray on the printer it draws paper from it. Problem is that in the printing preferences area of the printer in Windows 7 the option for tray 2 is grayed out. I have tried connecting the printer both via Ethernet or USB, tried downloading updated drivers from Lexmark, no success.

The server, however, recognizes tray 2 and works with it just fine (Server 2008 R2 x64). So what I ended up doing is sharing the printer off the server with tray 2 defaulted and just setting up two separate instances of the printer on client PCs labeled appropriately so that the users can print to desired type of paper as necessary.

So that tells me it’s a bug with the Windows 7 driver as the driver for Server 2008 has no such problem. Unfortunately I was unable to get any help from Lexmark either via phone or web.

One thought on “Lexmark T650 Driver Bug

  1. Vassili Soucharin

    Well, what do you know, I actually heard back from Lexmark! It CAN work in Windows 7, but the driver will not automatically detect the tray 2. One must go into printer properties, manually set tray 2 as enabled and manually configure paper settings for it. It did work, still like how Server 2008 driver works better.


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