Code Two Public Folders on terminal server

I have used Code Two Public Folders product on several different occasions, have always liked it. A simple and inexpensive way to share outlook folder without having to implement Exchange Server. It is lightweight and works very reliably. Latest project involved getting Code Two Public Folders working on a terminal server

One requirement that was unique to this installation was that not every user that uses Outlook on that server needed access to Public Folders, but only a select group. Also as other users didn’t need access I also needed to make sure they didn’t consume licenses unnecessarily.

When I asked Code Two about how I might be able to accomplish this their answer was “we have not tested this product on a terminal server”. To which I replied “Then I will be the first person to do so”.

After looking at different options I have decided on limiting access to the Code Two Outlook plugin via the registry. As it is a very well and properly written program it creates its own registry key for its plugin which made it very easy. I defined a security group called NoCodeTwo and gave it the Deny permission on that registry key. When their outlook starts there is no indication at all that the Code Two plugin is there. For users that need access it works great and the licensing module is happy.

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