Little Items

– Looks like Microsoft has fixed the bug with backing up to drives larger than 2TB in Windows Server 2012! Recently put a 4TB on a server running that OS, backup works.

– While I was researching the subject of large hard drives found some more additional interesting info:
a) Current release of Ubuntu will support drives larger than 2TB. However, as the article on Ubuntu website puts it “your programs may or may not” 🙂
b) A lot of even new hardware will not. For example a lot of even fairly new RAID controllers found in Dell servers will not, have to check hardware specifically for that compatibility.

– Have you ever tried to make a remote desktop connection only to have the client sit there running message “securing remote connection”? That actually means you have typed your password wrong! But it will never tell you that.

– When connecting to PCs or having PCs connect to them Macs actually somehow do use AD DNS server. Don’t know exactly how, I am not a mac specialist. But recently when I moved DNS at one site to a new server connectivity between macs and pcs pretty much ceased to function with totally idiotic messages being logged by macs and eventually I found that they do need the correct DNS server.

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