Why I dislike Apple

As some of my clients have Macs I have to help out with those even though I am not a Mac expert. And the more work on those things the more I dislike them. Here are a few reasons why

– Zero support or documentation for non-current versions. It is extremely frustrating to try to download software only to find out that it’s not compatible with your version and to find out that software for your version is not available. And nothing like trying to find directions how to do something only to have all links automatically redirect you to directions for the new version. Microsoft does legacy support so much better.

– Speaking of support. No one knows how those things work. If you need to find out something about Windows or Linux you simply google it and have 99% chance that someone has already figured it out. With Apple my success rate so far has been about 20%. Microsoft and Canonical (company behind Ubuntu) have great support sites. Apple support site has zero useful info, all answers I did find were on different forums

– Why do Apple products dislike Rackspace email server certificate?? It’s extremely difficult to configure an exception for that in OS X and flat out impossible on iphones

– And why can’t a company that claims to be so advanced figure out how to make a 2-button mouse?

– MacMail program sucks. No, it blows. Thankfully there is Thunderbird version for Mac

– Ctrl+A works in Ubuntu and Linux Mint, why or why not in OS X?

To say one good thing: OS X does seem to be a lot more stable and a lot less susceptible to malware than Windows. Although I have seen both viruses and malware infect OS X systems, so it’s not 100% safe, some people have bothered to write malware for it.

One thought on “Why I dislike Apple

  1. Chris

    This is great. I was laughing through a lot of it.

    I do find that Apple does not want people on older tech or software. Which forces the users to buy newer devices and install the newer OS.

    I typically like to stay current on MS stack and devices as much as I can because I like newer. But MS does allow you to stay behind a lot longer than Apple in my opinion. Apple does seem to have a better OS record for newer releases than MS’s “every other Windows is terrible” model.

    And Apple does push you towards it’s BMW type service center.

    At the end of the day it’s hard to understand OSX because I come from a Window’s background and I view Apple as the Jobs flipping MS off to whatever it tries to do. Which is bad because you really miss out on some really good OS features from other camps.


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